So EAE day was on the 28th April. It was our first public playtest and we got some great feedback. We had a few hickups but overall it was a huge success.

For EAE day we had to get everything in a working condition. This included, networking, levels, art, camera, animation, scoring, re-spawning and taking damage.  We also got a poster!

Pics be shown.





We definitely had a few problems too. The biggest one was that our networking plugin had bugs, and we would have to reset the clients every 10 minutes of gameplay. Other than that it was mostly smooth.

A lot of people liked our game and were intrigued by the camera. The candy helped too 😛
We had four systems set up and people playing against each other. There were a few people who kept coming back.

As for levels, we had two levels that you could play on.


This level was made by one of our producers. This is a indoor level with a central area and lots of corridors and staircases. After having some elvel design myself in one of my other classes, I’m really proud one of our team members coming up with this. We have good level design skills in our team!

Poster art:





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