Assignment 13 – Textures

In this assignment we introduced textures. Textures are set in a material and mapped to a mesh using uv coordinates. The fragment shader has a texture sampler that samples the texture at each coordinate and outputs the corresponding color from the texture for that fragment.

I have made the textures as part of the material class because it seemed to be the simpler approach. Ideally I would have it in its own class but at this point the texture on code side is really just a pointer and a sampler id. So it was easy to just add this to the material class.

Here is my binary material file with the data highlighted:


Its simply two null terminated strings that appear after the effect path. Each string is prefixed with a byte that tells us how long that string is. The first string ist he name of the texture sampler and the second is the path to the texture file. Because I know they appear immediately after the effect, I just read the two strings and move on with reading the rest of the file as before.

We also have a TextureBuilder which takes a texture file in a image format like jpg, png, tga etc. and builds into a .dds file. This dds file is loaded by code during runtime.

The scene is pretty simple and tests opaque and transparent materials with textures.

D3D Screenshot
D3D Screenshot
GL Screenshot
GL Screenshot


WASD to move camera.