EAE day…and end of the semester. Wow a year.


So at times it feels like yesterday was the start of this thing. Then sometimes it feels like we’ve been here since the beginning of time. We made a game and a pretty good one at that. We went into this some not like what games they were working on and now we have something to be proud of. It is cool was the number one thing we heard on EAE day. Lots of people played it. I was to busy fixing the game when it broke or explaining what was going on, but people said that we were one of the most crowded booths there. I only remember once when we didn’t have people playing and almost everyone loves it and those who don’t like it don’t see many issues with it. We’ve made a solid game and got great feedback.


At the end of the day we had a wonderful time. I love what I’m doing here and the people i work with are great. At the beginning of the semester when Dan pitched this game i looked at it and thought it was a bit over scoped but looked fun. I’m here and doing this thing. We made a multiplayer FPS with networking in a semester now we have to go further. We have talked about what is next and where we have to go. To get a full game done next semester we are going to have to work over the summer on this baby. It is a big game and we want to make something that we can really blow everyone socks off.


I’ve really grown here this last semester. Before coming here I was shy and didn’t talk much. Now sometimes i dont when to shut up about this stuff. I have a job that I love working with people who I love on a game that I love. It’s been a wonderful year and I can’t wait for next year. Check out Sensory Overload here are some vids and It’s been great I’m going to go finish up some homework and the fall into a bloodborne coma. Peace.

Lets push this baby out.

So EAE day is coming up. What are we doing… Well trying to get to the end. We are good got a few problems but just trying to polish and make something badass to show. So we are just making sure that animations are in and working. We have something really cool. So for EAE day we want it to look good. Small internal things are being worked on as well. We’ve also started talking a bit about what we need to do over summer.

I’ve been working on trying to get us our own table for EAE day. For awhile it seemed like we were going to have to stack monitors on top of another in order to get a 4 player going. We did some more network test to make sure the build was good. Ozum and I got candy and printed stickers that we put on to barf bags to advertise the game. Everyone loves our dumb marketing idea.

I helped Greg make a poster. So that we had something nice to show off the logo and characters. So all we have to do now is go to EAE day and show our game off. Should be a good day.11225550_929712260427074_1466090565_n

So other people played this thing….

Well our goal for the last 2 weeks has been to make the game fully playable in the deathmatch sense. Guns working shooting and killing. Respawns working and having it all go good together. Also one big big issue was frame rate. So on these pc’s at this point all of our games should be running around 600 frames a second. Our game is at 30fps. On laptops its running at 3-5fps. The problem was that our camera has to render things twice and we are running like 30 cameras at a time so that was a problem but we fixed it. Just got to rewrite all of the shaders and it works on laptops. So we had to do a lot of polish in the last couple weeks to get the game up to working deathmatch.

HippoGlow-300x179 (1)

We need a new name, but have started promoting the game by making a facebook page and putting some stuff on youtube. We now have hippo robots with guns. They aren’t in the build that we showed people, but we got them working.

So internal testing we haven’t really done it a super lot so when the build was close to done. We all took sometime to just kill each other and it was fun. Now we took the game on laptops to ACM indie fest. At last minute we were making tweaks, but when people played it they liked it they wouldn’t stop. Some people would sit and just play and play. It was crazy. This thing we had made that is super minimal was being played none stop. Also two guys for Disney showed up and had fun playing the game. One was at the industry pitch and said the game made him kind of sick. Now he liked it.

It felt really good to have people play it and said they liked it.


So I have an issue. It is sad. I played it early at GDC. So this week was ok we decided that we want to go to just doing a deathmatch for EAE day/end of semester. I’m going to be annoying or not do what I’m required to do. I’m going to talk about playing games and not making them maybe. So lets talk about something that people don’t always believe in. To people in the cohort I joke around a lot about World of Warcraft. My family has addictive natures. People in the family have been addicted to things in the past. Smoking, and other things. Anyway i lucked out about this. My Vice was wow. Man high school sucked. So this may not seem like enough, but when cataclysm came out. I made a character. About a month after he was maxed, 3 months after that he had 30 days in game time. Over all had maybe 80 days in game time before I forced myself to make a documentary about addiction in wow. That lead me to quit mainly because undergrad got harder and also when you make a 60 min film and it gets corrupted it shows you that sometimes you need to let go and that killed my wow addiction. I have to thank the change to progressive files. Yes. A file format made me end my addiction. luckily my family only gets one per life time and once they quit its gone…Bloodborne.

Now I play games like Dark Souls and those make me just walk away. So I love that those are showing up. Tried to play wow again and found it boring. Thank you.lowpolybasecharacter3_720


So we have a big idea with a lot of back end stuff to do. It’s cool we are making a area fps something I like. Sometimes we have trouble killing are babies. Yet we are making good progress. We added a detached radical and I disagreed at first…now I really like it. Adds some more skill to the game and only  took 2 hours.

So my number one saying continues to be I’m steering a sinking ship. Love that… no it’s good. Stressful, but good. It is a really nice sinking ship though. We have moved away from wall waking and I think that’s a good thing. We have had two big mechanics and we needed to try the main one out to see how it really is. So then new level is without wall walking. (god dammit Dave lang. sorry big live live.GB)

Anyway besides the recital stuff we have 3 guns. Maybe lasers don’t really work but 3 is a thing. 🙂 I’m handling engineers and other things. It is going good. Over scooped but good.

Unity 5…

So I’m going to start this with saying not much happened this week. I can say that before GDC we got a cool gun system into the game to easily make guns to test and that broke. At GDC unity 5 came out. Even with peeps be telling us to switch to unreal we want to make a unity game and we are so early into development that we should go to 5. A lot of groups are taking there time. I think we started converting like the day we got back. Lots of shit broke. So this week and most likely next is fixing stuff. Also everyone is burnt out from partying. We all talked about what was said at GDC and it seems like people are so different from what we should do so a few of us are concerned about that. I think its a good thing…yeah must be. We’ve assigned things for after spring break, but yeah spring break man.


…yeah that happened.

So I have only been on the consumer end. Not since this year have I really made games. GDC was eye opening. We’ve been running around with our heads kind of cut off figuring this shit out. It’s been cool but now I understand. I see all of it and love it. We went and talked to devs. We sneaked into a big dev party that was cool. Some people came close to dying… man that was cool and San Fran was nice. I don’t know if i would live there. Yeah it was good.

As a producer what did I do. Figured out how to get 11 peeps into a cheap, but ok hotel. Near the bad area of town but man did they save money. Also like 3 blocks from GDC. So that was good. easy walk and made sure people didn’t die. Think I did a good job. Went to all the producer bootcamps and they were really good. Most of them but it was cool.

Walking the floor and talking to devs was fun and we freaked out at unity5. So it was a good time. We all had fun and most of us came back alive. Big take away was indies say just go indie it’s better, while AAA says indie isn’t safe. Also everyone partly made it home. We got some good and confused feed back. So back to work.

Ah GDC is soon what is wrong with us.

So yeah GDC is coming up… but we got to make this game. And we got hot game for days. So networking is hard, yet some how we magically made it work? So networking works I’m really excited and confused bacause it was quick. So later we will have to redo some of it, but ya that’s awesome.

Also that’s about it. One thing that happened was are first fight, but I have figured out how to solve those problems. I’ve found myself wanting to do more of the producing stuff while the other producers want to be more of designers. When we were talking about the game at GDC one of them wanted to call me lead. I just want us to get this thing done. Anyway GDC is coming up and we have networking. One of our issues before was not knowing if the game would work with multiple people.

As for what I’ve been doing. I find that I do better working with the engineers so I manage them, while the others help the artist. It’s working out good. As the project goes on I feel like I’m going to make sure that we have what we need to move froward. While the others will make do more of the design. Hey we got networking and that shit is hard. I love this thing. Also got stuff ready for the big GDC next week. Trailer below. Peace.


So ya…Lets make GAMES?

So after a nice weekend not really thinking about the games. They sit us down in class and announce there 5 picks for us to now make into games. They picked Sensory Overload, Plato’s Cave, Fire(Birnoral sound), Jams, and B. E. S. T.

I agreed on most. A lot of the cohort was upset about the picks and seem a little sad. We understand that in the real world we don’t really pick our own games. Sad that the music battle game didn’t make it, but Sensory Overload  was one of my number one picks so i went there first. It has some strong members already and is a cool concept. Part of its goal is to revitalize FPS by using a omni directional camera. Meaning you can see in every direction at one time.


We started by going over everything that the original team had made and proceeded to talk about what needed to get done. Main thing is networking get the game working on a network. Play against each other. So now the real game  begins.

Industry pitch Done now what?

Yesterday was a long day. Early morning like always, but we were getting our pitch ready. We had a kickass video and made some nice gifs to show off how the battle system worked(since the game is a little fast and it helps). Just spent the whole class getting ready then went to the industry pitch after our narrative class.

It is a large classroom with about 30 industry people. We all take turns showing our prototypes and giving our pitch’s. After they  give us feedback.  Some get more positive feedback then others, but no one really was like the top one. Lots of good feedback. We went showed the game and talked about the mechanic. We had to explain the system a little more to them, but they got the game some people love it and a few didn’t get it. In the end it was good. One of the craters of Star Fox talked to me about different was to make money off the game. So at the end of the day it was good. I think we did well and made a wonderful prototype and a lot of people in the cohort want to make the game. It’s a big project if it goes through, but if not i have my back up games. Yet I’d love to make it something big.