Weeks 13-14 – Art Update & EAE Day

What’s up guys,

Finals week is upon us and it feels like there are tons of assignments due next week. The reality is there’s only 2 of them, but they are long enough to make you feel that way.

Anyway, we’re glad the projects class is over and with that, EAE Day passed by. A lot of industry folks stopped by and played our games which was incredibly valuable. Coming to art update, we decided to get rid of candy theme after one of our teammate dug into research. With that, we have a new canyon-ish theme to our game. It’s similar to a Utah red rock/national park with a giant cave.

The designers also decided to make our game single-player after much consideration from our play-testers and it’s much more fun now that the single player has to build the track and drive on it at the same time. I do have a screenshot of our current environment but I also highly recommend you guys to log into www.rainbowgoats.com and play our latest build to see our different levels in-game.


At EAE Day, everyone who played our game loved it and had a lot of constructive feedback but kids in particular enjoyed this game so much that they came back for more after they were done with checking out other games. Moving forward, we are currently taking into consideration all of the feedback we got at EAE Day and we hope to turn this game into a fully fledged releasable game on Steam platform by the end of the next semester.

Happy holidays everyone!


Weeks 11-12 – A mountain to climb!

Howdy guys,

We have new art for our game! The art team also decided to update our bubblegum mountain because the earlier one didn’t quite go well with the candy theme! I have 2 screenshots showing both the previous mountain and the updated mountain – the first one is the first pass of the mountain and the latter one is the latest one.



The art team decided to go for the second one because it complimented more with our environment style. I also have the interior of the cave which is kind of rough but we’ll keep on updating it until we get the desired look.


Next week, the texture artists are gonna try and finish texturing these assets so that they’re ready to be in-game. The following week, we have EAE Day wherein a bunch of industry folks come in to review and playtest our games and give feedback based on which we try and polish our game accordingly.

Week 10 – Post-IGF

Hey everyone,

So the team decided to organize a meeting to discuss a bunch of things most notably about the way art should look like moving forward. After reviewing our work, the art team came to a conclusion which indicated that we weren’t quite entirely happy about the look and feel of the game. So we decided to keep the candy theme intact but to also give the game a “Bioshock Infinite-ish” kinda look.

The final look that we are going for now is almost of a floaty island/city consisting of candies combined with a cave wherein the player has to navigate inside the cave using track pieces. So the concept artists started making concepts for the same so that the modelers could start blocking out the assets for our next art iteration. I have attached a couple of screenshots that our concept artists made to give you guys an idea about our art vision.

conceptArt [Desktop Resolution]


In the coming weeks, I’ll have the first pass of the bubblegum mountain to show you guys. That’s it for this week, thanks for reading!

Weeks 8-9 – IGF Submission

Hey guys,

Team RainbowGoats successfully submitted “Sweet Ride” to IGF after so many months of hard work! On Sunday, our game was officially included in the IGF competition for 2015.

I put together a trailer for the game. The link is given below –

One of the many notable changes including all the bug fixes was the skybox! After playing around with a combination of colors for the skybox, the art team decided to go for the pink-ish look that blended well with the candy-ish theme.

Moving forward, the team is going to address on whether to keep the game as local multi-player or switch it to single-player. Based on the user feedback, we are going to decide what is best for our game. So please go to www.rainbowgoats.com and download our latest build to help us keep improving!

Week 7 – Pre-IGF

So we are a week and a half away from the IGF deadline and incidentally, fall break is upon us so we get more time to work on our thesis games.

We’ve got some “game-ready” art to show you guys but we are still working on it to make sure it’s polished before we submit it. We have 3 levels in the game and below are some screenshots of the same.

level 1

level 2

dounut lvl

Next week, we are planning to work on the credits screen, finalizing the start screen and also making the trailer for our game. The UI has still got work to do but it’s already looking better!

The first picture you see above is the Lvl 1, next one is Lvl 2 and the last one is the donut level wherein the track builder will build the track pieces inside those huge donuts! We’ve also been working on the sky texture as the art team did not like the default skybox that Unity engine had to offer. So hopefully by next week, we’ll get things done and will be ready to submit it to IGF!

Weeks 5-6 – Candies, Crackers and more!

Hello all,

IGF deadline is near and we still have a long way to go to achieve what we want. The most talking point in the past few weeks has been the UI. For some reason, it has been hard getting the UI implemented correctly.

I’ve been working on getting the UI mock assets done like car select screen, level select screen, speed boost and so on..




The art team has been working on full swing to start making textures for various assets that have been done for quite a while now. Hopefully by next week, we will have something to show..

Also, the design team have decided that our game will be a local two player instead of single player. This has been a major decision as switching between single-player and multi-player can have a huge impact on gameplay experience and it can make or break the game. But after playtesting both the single player and multi-player and taking into account feedback from other people, we have decided that making the game multi-player is in best interests of the game.


Weeks 3-4 – Game, Set, Crash!

Hey guys,

After days of debating, we’ve finally decided that Candyland is going to be our main theme. The art team was excited to make assets for it and I’ve got a lot of models to show off.


You can see that there are a bunch of assets like Ice-cream, windmills, biscuits, popcorn box (intended to use as a spectator box), chocolate rocks, Donuts and so on. We have kept Wreck-It-Ralph as our inspiration as far as art goes. Right now we are figuring out a way to make sure we don’t copy the art style that Wreck-It-Ralph has but make it our own by adding spice.

The art team is also working on building a car as the player is going to drive it around the candy theme. We have not yet decided if the game is going be a racing game or not, but right now we are focused on making as much art as possible. We’ll let the designers decide what to do as far as game mechanics is concerned. But for sure, we have decided to get rid of the crashing mechanics as was rightly pointed out by our fellow colleagues and professors that there seemed to be a disconnect between driving a car, building a track and crashing into buildings/objects. Hence, there will no crashing in “Crash City” which brings us to our next goal to change the game name.

Week 2 – More Art

Hi everyone,

I’ve got some art pictures to show you guys what we’ve been working on for the last couple of weeks..




We’ve also been working on deciding our game theme or the environment our game will be based on. The art team have shortlisted candyland, halloween and a theme park to choose from. We will be having a vote this week to finalize it. The sooner we finalize, the more time we get to churn out assets. The team have also kept the IGF deadline in mind to make sure we get the job done.

Most Likely, by October 15, we plan on locking our art and engineering so that we get one week to fix any bugs and/or polish the artwork.


New Semester begins…

Hey all,

The new semester has just begun and I am excited to be back to give you guys inside news of what’s happening at EAE program here at the U!

Last week, we resumed working on our thesis project “Crash City”. We actually first resumed during the Summer but then took a few days off until finally school reopened. The game took a new direction during the Summer and instead of placing traffic signs, the idea is to crash into as many buildings as possible using track pieces (like a racing track). We have kept the same mechanic of crashing but decided to do that by introducing track builder system!

A lot of new art was built during this time including all kinds of track pieces (different types of ramps, turns etc..), particle effects, textures and much more. In the next week I’ll post some pictures of the art work we’ve been doing.

That’s it for this week, I’ll keep you guys posted.

Weeks 13-14 – Beginning of the end

Crash City Start Screen

Hi there! It’s final’s week. The semester is about to get over! In this post, I’ll be talking about the final Crash City build for the semester and also the Pendulum animation final assignment. So let’s get started.

First, let’s see the current build of Crash City. We’ve been modifying the game to make it more presentable at EAE Day which is on 28th April. Here are some art assets I’ve been working on over the week –

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

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And here’s the in-game screenshot –

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

We have even updated our website where you can play the latest build. Visit our crash city game website for more details. Your feedback is valuable to us. Please fill out the feedback form from the website after playing the game.

And now, It’s animation class final assignment. We’ve been polishing the Pendulum Assignment for the past 2 weeks which was our final assignment of the semester!

As I mentioned in the last post, I felt that the speed of the animation was a bit slower so I fixed it in this assignment and also added a few more frames at the end. So let’s see it –

So that’s it! That was the final animation assignment. Hope you guys enjoyed it! Next post will be my last post of the semester which will be EAE Day special with all the swag!

I’ll see you guys soon. Bye, for now.