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Well a lot has gone on these weeks… We found out that our grad program was #1 in the country.  This is very exciting to everyone in the cohort!  We have been getting so much attention from this news lately.  The news usually end up going to the North lab and not the South lab.  Honestly I am glad because the world is not ready for the South lab.  Now about our thesis game.  Crash City is moving along very well!  We will have our first build by Tuesday.  I think Roger and Bob will be happy to see the changes we have done.  We are almost done with our custom level editor that will connect with our traffic AI system and sign placement system.  This will make level design very seamless and everyone can be involved in creating levels.  We are going to have a very fun and crazy start screen, which fits well for our prototype.  I cannot wait to see it all put together.  We have to show our game off on April 19th so we do not have much time.  Finally, I have 2 potential leads for internships, but I am currently waiting to hear back from both of them… WISH ME LUCK

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