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So we got our website for our thesis game up and running  It has a web build on the website so you can see our progression.  We are very proud of what we have got done in such a short time.  We cannot wait to iterate when we get people to play test the game.  If you are reading this blog please let me know what you think of the game(again the game is in pre alpha).   Yesterday we sat down with Roger and he explained about builds and what to do next.   Most of the stuff I knew already, but it was a good refresher.  It is very exciting to see our ideas now become a game.  More exciting new I got an internship with React Games here in Salt Lake.  That is great because my wife and I do not have to do a long distance relationship for the summer.  I start today as a intern level designer! I am super excited and I get to make levels for their game Super Dungeon Bro’s!  So now I am juggling 2 part time jobs Gapp Lab/Internship and going to school full time.  Wish me luck!




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