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Sorry for the late post! Due to the fall break I have been catching up on all the sleep I have been missing and spending quality time with my wife.  It is actually pretty strange not to worry about a game that needs to be built or papers that need to be done.  It took me a while to stop thinking like that.  Anyways, our past prototype was great!  I think the audience loved our topic, which was you are Kenneth Bae trying to escape North Korea.  The audience could not stop laughing and loved the game.  But it was not all fun and games Roger and Jose had some very important issues that we missed, but it was very good and I love how honest they are about the game.  If there is something that I learned over the break is how important your friends are.  It has been great spending time with many different people in the cohort and even people in other cohorts.  I am actually really looking forward to being back in the swing of things with papers, prototypes and art projects.  It is really interesting and funny that many of the people in our cohort are worried about the GDC already! I told some of the faculty about that and they said “wow we are really looking towards the future.”  HAHA I told them I do not have time to worry about I did yesterday let alone several months haha.


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