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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Things are going fast almost too fast.  There is only 4 weeks left until IGF submission.  As the lead designers I have had to overcome many tasks and design decisions.  One of which is our UI. Currently we have a random generating track parts for our UI, but only for the turns, ramps, dips, lefts, and rights (Which is perfect for the IGF submission).  This will make the builders side of the game more exciting and random.  We would like to add different track parts into the game.  For example, adding blocks or obsolesces in the way which will all be randomly generated when the builder puts down track parts.  So this will make the driving experience more exciting.  The hardest part will be making the driver and the builder equally fun.  Wish me luck!

There is a reason why I really love the team and all the members.  We have been having a big problem about design choices about our game.  So our game loop was player starts the game, picks a car, picks a level, then builds a track, drives the track, and gets a pay off of crashing into building at the end.  Like angry birds.  The problem was Jose and Brian pointed out that there was a giant disconnect of crashing.  Why does the player need to crash? And to be honest it was very true.  It felt like a very cheap way to give the player a pay off.  As lead designer I hate the fact that is the easy way out.  So… JP and I (a fellow designer) sat down and thought of some ideas.  When we where talking I mentioned to him that we seems to be stuck on crashing and why do we even need it?  Most of the time the player enjoys building and driving.  So we decided to go with taking crashing out.  JP and I thought that would shake the team to its core.  So JP and I made a design doc and showed it to the team.  I was sure the team would shut it down, but it was very amazing and nice that they all trusted my design choices for the game.  So.. now our game will be a co op game where one player plays a builder and the other plays a driver.  Each player has to work together to get to the end goal.  The builder cannot build with out the driver driving.  Also the driver can pick up track parts for the builder. I know the design change was a big success because everyone on the team actually wanted to play!  Well back to work!

We are in the full swing of production for our thesis game.  We have changed a lot from EAE day due to player feedback, teacher feedback, and internalfeed back.  We are now Hot Wheels meets Angry Birds in 3D.  It is very excited, but there will be very interesting design challenges ahead of us.  I am looking forward to solving these problems.  The team is working together very well and we are firing on all cylinders.  We all know that the IGF build is right around the corner.  There has been some conflicts, but we have amazing leads and they are doing a great job!  It seems like a good sign when other teams keep telling us our game looks fun! So that is a win in my book!  Anyway, off to class for now!