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Monthly Archives: March 2015

GDC was amazing!! I learned a lot and made some amazing contacts.  I also realized how hard it will be to get into the industry, but that is fine! I know with my work ethic and drive I will separate myself from the masses.  I also had an amazing time with the people I went with.  There was a lot of drinking and serious business… well one more than the other ;-).  I did also buy my first card game which was Boss Monsters!  It is pretty amazing and one of my closest friends in the cohort was so proud of me lol.   Also I probably had the best Chinese food ever!!!!!!!11043041_10101326110555947_9051514280982649710_n


Other than that San Fran is a very interesting town had some amazing food and went to a lot of great places!


Back to the real world … well… kinda