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Monthly Archives: January 2015

This week has been a very eventful week.  I had a confrontation with a fellow class mate who has been a bully to other people in our cohort and looks down at some staff and not many people will stand up to him… and me being me will not stand for it.  I honestly thought I would never see this attitude at my age and at this level of education, but I guess I was wrong. To be honest I blew up because he said something rude to me and actually said it again to my face.  Needless to say I popped and I said a lot of rude things right to his face, which at the time felt soooooo right.  In all actuality it was not the right thing to do.  I talked with Jesse and Roger and they both talked about different situations I could take.  I remember talking to Roger at the start of the year about coming out of this program the best producer that I can be!  Roger told me that it is only natural to blow up on people, but a great producer will flip it around and make that person work even harder on projects. So I am going to decide to do the right thing and be a true producer and make sure everything on the project will be completed on time..  That being said I will give you a code word if you push it to far and it will be potato. So you know you took it to far when you hear that.”  This  was a great learning experience because the old Drew in the past would of honestly just thrown a punch.  I really want to give big props to my boy Roger and Jesse for sitting down and talking with me and cooling me off.  I am so glad to have such a great friends/teachers in this program.  If I can say one thing that I do really enjoy about the program is that the teachers really care about their students and you can go to them for anything.  So no more blowing up from Drew!  Its actually funny we have sat down and talked and now are even cooler than ever.  Its amazing how just sitting down and talking to someone can help!

So this week was very interesting because we had to choose our thesis games…. well more like narrow the choices down.  I pitched a drunk stealth game, which I knew that it would not get picked because well… lets be honest its Utah and the game and staff wont be proud to market it and probably wont win awards, but I had tons of classmates love the idea and wanted to work on it.  I know that we had the option to ignore what games they picked, but I know regardless it would get shut down so I do not want to waste peoples time developing it. I am really excited about the jiggling adventure game Erik made.  I am the lead producer for the game.  I have the vibe that many of the class mates think this game is a joke, which is fine because I have been a underdog my whole life.  So the team will prove them wrong.  I did find it very interesting that one game that made the cut, which needed over $1000 of peripherals.  Funny thing is the teachers told us not to pitch games that needed peripherals.  Not to name names but many of my class mates were very disappointing with the selection and know that if we decided develop another game it would be shut down.  O well… what can you do.. I want to finish this post with I now have a true hatred for that stupid commercial 1984.

This week has been pretty hard on me because my body was not ready for the lack of sleep and lack of video games I am playing. haha I was really excited about our projects class, which leads into our thesis game.  I say this because in prototype class you only had to work on a project for 4 weeks and you start over.  Now we will be stuck on the same teams for a year and a half.  This will make things very interesting.  Many of the C4’s told me about how their experience was last year and most of them said it SUCKED!!!  So I was ready for it, but typical Bob and Roger they changed things and they decided to pick the thesis teams differently.  I am actually totally for the way they are doing it.  So everyone in the cohort is going to pitch and they will pick the best 7 to prototype and the best of the prototypes will be fleshed out into a thesis game.  WISH ME LUCK for my game.  I think my game is one of the most unique ideas next to my boy Erik.  It will be really interesting to see what the panel has to say about my game.  Anyways, back to work for me!