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Monthly Archives: November 2014

So I decided to take a break from my normal Sunday ritual of watching football and drinking beer.  Actually, this is something that my wife and I love to do together so I try to do everything in my power to spend Sunday together.  I was looking at the calendar and I could not believe that it is almost December and that means it is almost X-MAS!!!  I know what I will be getting for my self and for my wife.  I am just being cheap and not buying it yet.  hahaha  Also the semester is almost done, which is crazy! I feel like just yesterday we had our orientation.  Holy crap I have learned so much in all of my classes.  I am working on animation in Maya in one of my classes, the ups and downs of prototyping class, and my mind has open up with design as well as level design(BIG UPS TO MY BOY JOSE!!!!).

So the team pitched our idea for the game and Bob and Roger were more critical in their evaluations. We took a lot of their advice and our team went forward with it.  This team so far has been working well with change, which is amazing.  On Saturday we all came into the lab as a work day to have a build ready for Bob and Roger on Tuesday.  Pro tip for any Cohort 6 reading this… it is amazing what pizza can do for productivity and moral of a team.  Many of the people on my team have kids or a wive so having them come in on a Saturday is a big sacrifice and I want to show how appreciative I am for their work.   Interestingly enough we accidentally found something fun in our game.  Jon my lead engineer told me to check this out.  I played the game with our new mechanic and loved it.  I went home that night and build a level around the mechanic.  The next day I showed the team and they loved the level.  It is so funny how we fell upon that mechanic of our game

So today we got our last prototype today, which was super exciting.  All that was told to us was that “it will be UNREAL”  So we knew unreal was going to be used.  I was really excited because I have not used Unreal 4.  In the past I have worked a decent amount in the old UDK, but I do know there are some differences, which I am now noticing.  So .. for example, in unreal 4 there is no kismet, now it is called blue print.  With all new technology there are many more function a designer can do with blue print.  For example, the debugging for blue print is absolutely amazing.  You can actually see the code being ran in real time and see where you need to debug when the links do not light up.  Also another curve ball Roger and Bob threw at us was that we could pick our own teams and also the idea or theme for the game.  Many people in the cohort loved this idea, but I was not a big fan of this because I know it will cause chaos.  As soon as Bob and Roger said get to work I stood up and had 8 classmates ask me if they can work with me.  It was nice to feel loved, but I personally feel that some people in the cohort got left out.  Regardless, I am very excited about this new team and many of the members are extremely strong at their duties.  They all share the same passion for games.  So now we have a total of 11 people, which is massive.  I told everyone if they want to know what it is like to be on a thesis game then these next 4 weeks will show you a taste of it.  Finally, after many design box sessions we all love this idea of a co op puzzle solver where one player has a gun that can only push object and the other player can only pull object with their gun.  We all liked FPS’s so we wanted to add a twist to the FPS style game.  Portal was a big inspiration to the game, but we wanted to create something very different and unique.

In my design class it was very funny because for homework we had to write down 100 game ideas and turn them in.  I find this funny because I told many of my ideas to some classmates and some of them said my ideas were terrible (because they were ….. well very Drew like)(if you do not know what that is then you need to sit down and talk with me 🙂 ).  Ironically Jose picked one card from each persons deck and one of mine got put into the good pile.  The good pile was games that other people in the class did not think of.  Actually I told one of my classmates some of my ideas and the idea I gave him also got into the good pile!  I know one of my attributes is my creativity and many people looked at me differently and now they take my ideas more serious… well as serious as I can be hahahahhahaha.

Well….. today is the final pitches for our serious games.  I am 1000000000000000000000000000000000% confident the audience will love our game.  The team has poured their hearts and souls into this game for the past 4 weeks.  When I sit back and look at the development phases it had its ups and downs, but the team rallied together and accomplished an amazing game in 4 weeks.  We will make this game better because we will be putting it many competitions.  We truly believe we have something special with this eye tracker device and we want to show the world how versatile it can be.  For now I need to get ready for the pitch.. wish me luck you creepers who are reading these 😉

Things are moving along fast (as normal)  on Tuesday we have to give our pre pitches, which I am very excited about.  This game we are working on is probably one of the most exciting and interesting games I have been apart of.  Roger and Bob walked by our game and loved it and were amazed by the technology we have used for the game.  Most classmates who walk by when we are testing the game love it and cannot wait to play it.  It is funny because there are some teams who are dreading this “Serious” game concept and their teams spirits have been broken.  At first, I will be honest I was not sure about it, but I really like this concept of serious games.  I have already spoke with a few experts and the all love our game ideas.  This is a mock up of our start screen (seen below)!!!  There will be a few changes done to it, but I think you can get the idea.  As I mentioned before it is interesting to see the moral of the students during this process.  The first two prototypes everyone was flying high and now when they get a curve ball it seems a lot of people have been defeated.  I think a lot of the people don’t fully understand the concept of prototype.  Many people still want to just make a massive game first and see what is cool.  Instead of just finding the little cool things then play test then build on to that.  I am very fortunate that my team understands that concept.  I know this post is a short one, but I need to get back to work on this amazing game.


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