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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Hello all or anyone who reads this.  One week done in our Serious game prototype.  It has been a good and interesting week.  Lots of ideas and concepts have been tossed around, but I think we finally narrowed it down.  I may have decided a excellent theme, but most importantly we have a great core concept of game play.  The theme hopefully will be a Robot Space Cowboy who is protecting his last bottle of Shine from on-coming enemy’s of robot bandits.  What will separate our game from most is that you will not use a mouse or a keyboard.  You will use this eye tracking device to shoot the enemy’s and move your character aka Jasper as I like to call him.  Our serious part of our game is helping strengthen children lazy eye condition by having them follow the enemies in a set path, which has shown to be proven helpful in studies done at RIT.  I am going to be meeting with a eye doctor tomorrow, which I am very excited about.  I think the he will like our idea and want to see the finished product.  This week will be a big push in the prototype process and I cannot wait to see what the team will create!  Space Robot OP!!! NERF SPACE ROBOT 2014

So… we got our new prototype, which is a serious game and we need to get a professional expert.  The group I got is very amazing.  We have one artist who does this for a living and another engineer who wants to get his PHD in a similar field. So it was perfect set up for our group.  Currently we gave our pitches, which were interesting because the producers were not instructed to give them.  So my engineer did a fantastic job on delivering our message.  We did get some great info and now we are going to change the game entirely.  We did find this new eye motion sensor thingy that we totally want to integrate into our ideas.  The whole group is totally into it and the device will separate our group from all the prototypes.  I am currently in the search for a expert, but I may have some leads that could be really interesting.  In my other classes besides prototype there is a lot of busy work such as reading, writing,reading, writing, reading, writing, reading, writing, reading, writing, reading, and writing.  So getting back to my normal life of living in the lab again! I miss fall break already and cannot wait for Thanksgiving.  Well I need to get back to my papers and finding my expert.     O ya we are also using UNITY for our project! It is funny I been helping a lot of people using it.  It’s weird to show engineers how to use unity, but it is fun and I feel that I get more respect as a producer.

Sorry for the late post! Due to the fall break I have been catching up on all the sleep I have been missing and spending quality time with my wife.  It is actually pretty strange not to worry about a game that needs to be built or papers that need to be done.  It took me a while to stop thinking like that.  Anyways, our past prototype was great!  I think the audience loved our topic, which was you are Kenneth Bae trying to escape North Korea.  The audience could not stop laughing and loved the game.  But it was not all fun and games Roger and Jose had some very important issues that we missed, but it was very good and I love how honest they are about the game.  If there is something that I learned over the break is how important your friends are.  It has been great spending time with many different people in the cohort and even people in other cohorts.  I am actually really looking forward to being back in the swing of things with papers, prototypes and art projects.  It is really interesting and funny that many of the people in our cohort are worried about the GDC already! I told some of the faculty about that and they said “wow we are really looking towards the future.”  HAHA I told them I do not have time to worry about I did yesterday let alone several months haha.


Wow… this week has been crazy!!!  Having to make a game in 3 weeks is not a easy task.  This team has really grown and matured as a collective group.  This has been on of my hardest times as a producers, but one of my most fulfilling.  There were many issues between teams and as a producer one of my jobs were to settle the fire and rally the troops.  Eventually we all got on the same page and now we are now a well oiled machine.  It is amazing what a team meeting and a crap ton of pizza can do for a team. 😉   I am very excited to pitch this game because Bob and Roger who said not to hold back on our topic, which I will not talk about right now in this post.  I have a feeling that we will be one of the most unique games that have came out of this program.  The team has worked very hard during the week and even all weekend to make the best game possible.  I owe it to them to do the best pitch to show how amazing the team is and how hard they have been working.

Now some information besides my prototype class… In my design class everyone has to do a 1 hour presentation about a certain topic and video games.  Our topic was religion and video games.  It was funny because our group was worried that we would not have enough information, but holy crap there is a ton of information out there about religion and gaming.  It was actually really interesting about how many games take parts of religion and put a twist on them.  Unlike older games who smash their belief down your neck.  It was a very interesting topic and I was very glad to have picked that topic and I cannot wait to hear all the other students lectures.


Furthermore, I am very excited to have fall break to actually be able to hang out with my wife and create this medical game for a competition.  So yes, if anyone from Cohort 6 reads this once you accept your acceptance the the U you better make sure that you really and truly love games…. not just playing but all aspects of gaming.  Even on break a group of friends are making games for medical educational purposes.   It does not help that the grand prize is $16,000 which would be very nice to have :).  We actually met with a doctor and explained our idea and she loved it and is willing to help us in any way possible.