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Monthly Archives: September 2014

So the first prototype is done now and we got our new assignment for the next prototype.  Bob and Roger came up with the idea of take a arcade old school game that was built prior to 1983.  I was thinking to myself, “o man this will be sweet”, but then Roger said there can only be 1 button and 1 stick used in the game, but we have to add a new system to the game we pick.  I found this a very interesting concepts and I love to have my creative juices pushed.  Once we found out our new game concepts we found out our team which is very exciting!  After a meeting with the team we came up with the game of Fighting Roller and if you have never heard of it that is because it was not big in America, but was a hit in Japan.

The concept of the game is a version of a old school driving game except you are a guy on skates dodging random obstacles and punching other enemies from hindering you from dodging.  The team wanted to add a twist to the game.. instead of dodging we want the player to smash though everything.  I mean who doesn’t love to smash things.  The first thing I thought of when we came up with this concept was the Juggernaut.   We also have a few other ideas and themes that we could consider for example.. a drug binge hobo escaping from the police, or a very large woman trying to run after her last Hostess cake.  O the endless ideas for themes, but for now we are just getting use to the new engine we decided to use.  We told the artiest to have fun and come up with a few drawing, which I cannot wait to see what she came up with.   Tomorrow we meet with Roger and Bob to go over our game and concepts.. for now wish us luck!

Well a lot has gone on sense my last post.  The pitches went well and some teams  I did not think would do well did extremely well.  I was so proud of all the teams and the pitches.  Me personally I feel that I did not do that well on the pitch, but I am my biggest credit.

The experience of this first prototype was amazing.  There were ups and downs, but more ups.  🙂  The team that I had everyone got along and everyone had a clear understanding and understood the scale of the game.   I think one of the biggest turning point for our team was after our first pitch someone called it a Flappybird clone.  That got the team fired up to try and separate ourselves from that game.  One person in the audience kept saying that it is a flappy bird clone.  And being me or even anyone knowing me I bit my tung and did not say my thoughts.  So after that meeting we sat down and change some of our core mechanics and ended up making a great game around it.  I also got that same person who said it was a Flappybird clone to play it and he told me that he really liked the game.  That gave me sigh of relief.

I will miss our team a lot, but I am looking forward to my next team and the challenges Roger and Bob will throw at us.

Ok, well our first prototype is wrapping up, which is very exciting.  We had our final meeting with Bob and Roger to talk about the last minute design tips and issues they had with our game.  The team came into the meeting very confident about what we have made, but to my dismay and after Bob and Roger went over the game the biggest issue we had was the lack of “juice.”  When I heard that and my heart skipped a beat, but have no fear.  We took Bob and Rogers advice and added a speed increase when you collect a battery for the plane.  I have truly enjoyed this process in the prototype class so far.  Laurie and I have to finish up our pitch for Crazy Crash, which will be very fun!  We cannot wait to show all of the improvement’s and design changes that have been implemented to the audience.  Also Laurie and I went to the North lab today to let some C4’s play our game.  They all seemed to like it and only had a few minor issues they suggested.  Again thank you C4’s for taking some of your time and play testing our game.

On a non gaming note many of my class mates found the joy of running from the library to the lab in a monsoon rain storm… O ya.. no one had a umbrella so that made me realize 2 things… 1.  Holy crap I am out of shape and 2. bring a umbrella.  I know it sucked at the time, but I am sure I will look back at all of these moments and miss everyone of them.  I also had my first experience with the food trucks on campus! I was very impressed.  I have a sweet pork sandwich for only 3!!! YES only 3! that is amazingly cheap.. Sorry I love a good deal especially when it comes to food.


I am signing off today.  My next post will be after our big pitch! Wish Laurie and I luck..

This week we had to show our prototype game to Roger and Bob and they really seemed to enjoy the core game play, which is very exciting to hear.  Roger told us we had the “fun” factor, which could not have been possible without the amazing team! This week the team will be pushing to get closer to having a actual build to play.  Everything is coming together and I cannot wait to play our first working prototype.  Everyone on the team has been working hard to get this game running and to be the best it can possible be.

team pic

I am starting to realize the importance of planning not only for the games we create, but in my personal life.  One of the hardest things to do is trying to balance time for school and time with my wife and our 3 dogs. I told my wife that I am going to try and spend one full day with out any school or video games with my wife(Usually Sunday).  This mean during the week I need to buckle down and make sure I look at all of my assignments and papers and plan accordingly and get them done.

Finally, I would never believe that I am actually starting to enjoy card games now.   It’s not that I have a personal vendetta against them I was just never exposed to them as a child or adult until now. It doesn’t help the fact that we have to play the crap out of one card game for homework, but many students in my cohort are experienced card gamer’s and they are showing me to a new scary world which is card games.