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Monthly Archives: August 2014

HOLY COW! What haven’t I done this week.  I have done grad school before, but nothing like this!  This is a very different beast! AND I LOVE IT!  I have already done a pitch for my prototype class, papers (wow!! I know papers in grad school!) and have meet some amazing and hard working people!  My body is getting use to the lack of sleep again and the massive amounts of coffee I am drinking.
In the prototyping class we had to make a game revolving around a random toy Bob and Roger  got at the dollar store !  Our team got a foam plane!!!! We have a amazing idea for the game.  Due to very strict NDA issue I cannot mention anything about it ;)…. just kidding..  On another note one of my class mates have showed me the joys of couch co-op games and I am hooked on them!!!   Some of my fellow cohort 5’s have been playing Crawl! If you have never heard or played it I highly recommend it!!!!  Wish me luck for my following week with more papers due, further development on our prototype game, and working on Photoshop…. o ya and ton of COFFEE!!!!!!coffee-anyone-opt