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YAY!! We submitted to IGF.  During fall break the team worked very hard to get the last and final push for sweet ride.  It has been a very interesting road and I am sure it will only get better.  The team is very happy with what we could get done in such a short period of time.  I know many of us are actually looking forward to playing some long deserved games.

As things get closer to IGF things get crazier.  Our game is moving along and the art is coming through the pipeline.  The design is very strong and I am excited to see it flesh out.  I had my sit down (review) with Brian and he said everything seems to be going very well.  Lots of people like working with me and I keep everyone motivated on the project when things get difficult.  Many people said my design is very strong along with my level design.  That makes me very happy because I have been working my butt off on this game.

Things are going fast almost too fast.  There is only 4 weeks left until IGF submission.  As the lead designers I have had to overcome many tasks and design decisions.  One of which is our UI. Currently we have a random generating track parts for our UI, but only for the turns, ramps, dips, lefts, and rights (Which is perfect for the IGF submission).  This will make the builders side of the game more exciting and random.  We would like to add different track parts into the game.  For example, adding blocks or obsolesces in the way which will all be randomly generated when the builder puts down track parts.  So this will make the driving experience more exciting.  The hardest part will be making the driver and the builder equally fun.  Wish me luck!

There is a reason why I really love the team and all the members.  We have been having a big problem about design choices about our game.  So our game loop was player starts the game, picks a car, picks a level, then builds a track, drives the track, and gets a pay off of crashing into building at the end.  Like angry birds.  The problem was Jose and Brian pointed out that there was a giant disconnect of crashing.  Why does the player need to crash? And to be honest it was very true.  It felt like a very cheap way to give the player a pay off.  As lead designer I hate the fact that is the easy way out.  So… JP and I (a fellow designer) sat down and thought of some ideas.  When we where talking I mentioned to him that we seems to be stuck on crashing and why do we even need it?  Most of the time the player enjoys building and driving.  So we decided to go with taking crashing out.  JP and I thought that would shake the team to its core.  So JP and I made a design doc and showed it to the team.  I was sure the team would shut it down, but it was very amazing and nice that they all trusted my design choices for the game.  So.. now our game will be a co op game where one player plays a builder and the other plays a driver.  Each player has to work together to get to the end goal.  The builder cannot build with out the driver driving.  Also the driver can pick up track parts for the builder. I know the design change was a big success because everyone on the team actually wanted to play!  Well back to work!

We are in the full swing of production for our thesis game.  We have changed a lot from EAE day due to player feedback, teacher feedback, and internalfeed back.  We are now Hot Wheels meets Angry Birds in 3D.  It is very excited, but there will be very interesting design challenges ahead of us.  I am looking forward to solving these problems.  The team is working together very well and we are firing on all cylinders.  We all know that the IGF build is right around the corner.  There has been some conflicts, but we have amazing leads and they are doing a great job!  It seems like a good sign when other teams keep telling us our game looks fun! So that is a win in my book!  Anyway, off to class for now!

I honestly cannot believe that a whole year as gone by.  What a ride.  I have learned so much and made amazing friendships.  I felt like it was yesterday when I moved here from VA with my 3 dogs and my wife.  Actually it feels kinda weird knowing we will be the main focus of attention for cohorts.  I want to say great job C4!.  Furthermore my life is almost back to  normal.  Tomorrow is when I do the hand of for my Gapp Lab project so I will only have 1 job.  That will be nice to have time again.  Anyways, I will post some stuff over the summer!  Now my full attention will be working at React making some amazing levels for Super Dungeon Bros.



Today was the big day! EAE Day!  It was as crazy as I thought it would be.  There was tons of people there checking out all of our games and C4 games.  Lots of people loved the 360 shooter game, BEST, and the Tetra Ski project.  In fact I was on the news for it!  That was exciting and lots of people cannot wait to see it on TV.  I met many great people and lots of people gave us great feedback about Crash City.  The team seems to be ok about meeting over the summer to polish a lot of things with the game.  I am really excited about this!  Anyways time to go I need to catch up on some homework!

This will be short and sweet.  I am currently working 2 jobs and going to school full time.  My life is video games and I feel like it is taking its toll on me. I notice my self being very tired all the time especially with school.  My days start at 8 am and end about 9pm.  I feel bad because I never get to see my wife, but she is amazing and she is strong during this crazy time.  Today I am noticing the lack of energy, but I need to hang in there.  Things will start to get better.  O well time for bed.

So we got our website for our thesis game up and running  It has a web build on the website so you can see our progression.  We are very proud of what we have got done in such a short time.  We cannot wait to iterate when we get people to play test the game.  If you are reading this blog please let me know what you think of the game(again the game is in pre alpha).   Yesterday we sat down with Roger and he explained about builds and what to do next.   Most of the stuff I knew already, but it was a good refresher.  It is very exciting to see our ideas now become a game.  More exciting new I got an internship with React Games here in Salt Lake.  That is great because my wife and I do not have to do a long distance relationship for the summer.  I start today as a intern level designer! I am super excited and I get to make levels for their game Super Dungeon Bro’s!  So now I am juggling 2 part time jobs Gapp Lab/Internship and going to school full time.  Wish me luck!




Well a lot has gone on these weeks… We found out that our grad program was #1 in the country.  This is very exciting to everyone in the cohort!  We have been getting so much attention from this news lately.  The news usually end up going to the North lab and not the South lab.  Honestly I am glad because the world is not ready for the South lab.  Now about our thesis game.  Crash City is moving along very well!  We will have our first build by Tuesday.  I think Roger and Bob will be happy to see the changes we have done.  We are almost done with our custom level editor that will connect with our traffic AI system and sign placement system.  This will make level design very seamless and everyone can be involved in creating levels.  We are going to have a very fun and crazy start screen, which fits well for our prototype.  I cannot wait to see it all put together.  We have to show our game off on April 19th so we do not have much time.  Finally, I have 2 potential leads for internships, but I am currently waiting to hear back from both of them… WISH ME LUCK