EAE open house

Yesterday we had the open house, where we showed off our games to our families, friends and industry professionals. Cohort 6 (C6) showed their prototypes and Capstone students showed their games and also GApp lab showed off their projects. It was a great day for us, people liked our game, especially the art and the concept of the game.  We were all proud of the effort that we put in for the project. Best compliment was two kids they played and asked us if this is on Steam, they want to play with their friends, that was really a proud moment. Not only that they gave us ideas to make the game more interesting, which tells how much they liked our game.

We also have this tradition of getting best cake for EAE events, this is no exception. We got BB8 cake for the day. Here it is.



New Tutorial for the game

One of the most important feedback from Rockwell was the existing tutorial needs to be made better. Few of the team members had a meeting on that and decided what to do in that new tutorial. We distributed the tasks and tried to finish them as soon as possible. We wanted this new tutorial to be in there for EAE open house day which is on 11th of this month.

Here is the task list for new tutorial.



Nothing much happened during this week either and thanks to Black Friday I bought a PS4 with Nathan Drake collection, also got Uncharted 4 Multiplyer beta free with it, very much looking forward to play it. Also bought some gifts to family as I am leaving to India for winter break. Its been a long year and half, am excited to see them again.

dead week

Nothing new is done in terms of thing getting into the game. Everyone needed a break. Hardit one of our engineers after watching the video of For the King, he jumped in and made the particle effects which is in the game. It was not exactly the same but very close to it, he did a good job in that.

Here is the video of that particle effect.

Art meeting 2.0

So, in the Rockwell BBQ we also got the feedback that the character art style was not matching with the environment. So, we decided to change iterate on the blind player character design.  We started looking for more inspiration on character design. Not only just that we also discussed about the next levels, and what art assets we should build for that. It was a very good meeting and we addressed most of the art related things. We wanted to go in this direction with the blind character design.


This is same time where we decided everything should be low poly, even the particle effects. Shahbaz (B.E.S.T game team ) shared, this video, this was so helpful and we decided to do particle effects something like this. Here is video of that game.

Post IGF submission

The week before we had a BBQ at Rockwell Collins, where few of them played our game. They’ve given really good feedback. We had a meeting and made the tasks from that feedback to polish out our game even more.

So, we decided to remove the pings and add beacons instead which will emit sound. We also made sure that deaf player can see the blind player through any surface. We also restricted the player’s distance (if they move far from each other the screen gets blurred and eventually ) restarts.

Here is a picture of feedback from Rockwell Collins.


IGF Submission

Last week was so intense for us. We all wanted to give our best to make our game as interesting as possible. We made sure our core game loop is working. Our producers had explained very well on how to connect the game and play. We were really proud of what we did and what we achieved as a team.

We were working till 5 am in the morning on Monday and submitted the build to IGF. We celebrated the moment. Here are behind the scenes of the game development.


DSC_0199  DSC_0237  DSC_0248


Here is the gameplay video of IGF submission build.

Last moments captured by Laurie one of our producers in the team while Nick other producer is submitting to IGF.

Not only our team every team in our cohort worked so hard to make their games as best as possible.

Fall Break

This week was very important week for us to get the whole game at a point where it should be presentable to the IGF. We were told that at least the core loop of the game should be running properly to get through the first screening in IGF. We started focusing on that. We managed to get most of the loop running by the end of the week, though there were minor changes to make which are mostly related to networking, everything is in a state where we can finish them the week before submitting to IGF.

I finished modeling, rigging and animating the characters. Robert and Anoop helped me texturing the characters. Shahbaz helped me with UV unwrapping with one of the character. Here is the first pass of character model for the game.



Here is the new level layout for the game by Robert.



We also prioritized the tasks for next week for IGF submission.

20151022_100229_1024It was a great experience the whole week, not only we got our most of the work done, but also watching other teams working together even though it was a break was special, this shows how much they care about their game.

Getting character models in the game

This week after getting the character designs I started modeling first pass for the character and monster. We also decide that the deaf character will use a crossbow to kill monsters. I spent a lot of time figuring out the mechanics of the crossbow too, to model, rig and animate it. One of my friend helped me to in studying the bow mechanics by lending me his compound bow, that was so helpful. Here is the cross bow that was modeled, rigged and animatedcrossbow

Here are the designs of blind and monster characters

MonsterTurnaround BlindCharacterTurnaround

Also we decided and started modeling a new and bigger level after realizing that the current level we had is becoming crowded with the art assets and also the characters that are yet to come in. Robert who made the last level started working on it already.

Feels like everything is coming together very well and looking forward to the fall break to maximize the productivity. Also everyone will be available in the break which will make it easier to finish tasks.


Bokeh effect

This week, we were discussing about the bling player screen and how we should present it. Kat one of our artist came up with the amazing concept to solve that problem.

blind_ui_concept_1024After this a day later Rohan one of our engineer came up with this concept of Bokeh effect which is really cool and solves most of the navigation and visual problem for the blind player. Here is a sneak peak of that effect.

Everyone loved it and we decided to go with this for blind player screen.